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JDK 8: Arrays#sort versus Arrays#parallelSort

                                          In this article, we will discuss one of the JDK 8 feature called parallel sort. Before getting into the details

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JDK 8 Features

                                       The JDK 8 developer preview is available. You can download the early access release from here. Some of the JEP’s (JDK Enhancement Proposal) which are going to be

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How to create Apple Safari extension developer certificate for windows

                                                 The Apple Safari extension development guide describes how to generate CSR(Certificate Signing Request) file for Mac. But, if we want to develop the Safari extensions on

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Object To Object Mapping With ModelMapper

                                         During one of mobile application development, we reused the services written for the web by exposing them as REST services for mobile. In which, we simply converted the “Object Model” used

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Language Detection API

                                 When I was reading some article, I found some other language words appeared in that article. I was fascinated to know for what language those words belong to and searched for

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Introduction to In-Memory Data Grids

                                   In-memory data grids are gaining a lot of attention in the developer community because of high performance and dynamic scalability. Let us see

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The Factory Design Pattern

                                           The factory design pattern is one of the creational patterns. This pattern will allow the creation of objects with

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The Singleton Design Pattern

                                                         The singleton design pattern is one of the creational patterns. “The Singleton

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Introduction to design patterns

                                         A design pattern is a solution to a commonly occurring problem. The design patterns are not a finished solution. It

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