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WhatsApp – B2C Opportunities

                           Let us explore the potential B2C marketing opportunity with WhatsApp. The statistics are promising towards that. By 2018, the estimated total smartphone users will reach to 2.16 Billion

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Redis : An Introduction

                  In this article we will talk about Redis (REmote  DIctionary Server). Redis is an open source, in memory, key value store. It also referred as dictionary server as the key values

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Beep, Beep, Oracle JDK 7 Reached to End of Life

                              The Oracle announced the JDK 7’s end of life. The April, 2015 release is the last publicly available update. Here after there are no patches

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Say Hello to HTTP/2

                    The HTTP/1.x was born in 1999 and the web is evolved a lot in the last decade.  As part of HTTP/1.x the web has performance issues and the developers found

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Let us Welcome Offline First

                        We are all living in a connected world. We have access to our personal computer, smart phone and Tablet. We want seamless experience  across the channels. Let us

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Structured Logging

                                As developers many of us come across with the logging mechanism where we  use logging frameworks like apache log4j, commons logging, slf4j etc… We

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Introduction To Apache Hadoop Eco System

                                   In the last article we understood what is Bigdata? In this article we will see a big data framework called “Hadoop”. Hadoop is

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